Innovation – Produces Cost Downs

26th September 2014

Pre-Met Ltd is an advanced engineering company specialising in high precision metal pressings, stampings and sub-assemblies. Based in Redditch they have built up an enviable reputation for technical capability and innovation.

“A prime example of our capability is a project that we won away from a highly regarded German manufacturer” says Mark Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager for Pre-Met. “A large customer came to us with a problem. They had a project that had been awarded to a German company, however, the German company could not get the job to run” Smith explains. “The job consists of stamping out three separate stampings on to different reels, plating them and then assembling them in to one component reel in another progression tool. It requires all processes to be highly accurate and work to very tight tolerances. Any variations at all and the process does not work” Smith continues.

Pre-Met did some initial analysis of the project and decided that they could assist their client. The project was transferred to their Redditch site and work began on modifying the process and tooling and implementing innovations to monitor and adjust the process. Eventually, after some weeks, the project was successful and the whole project transferred fully to Pre-Met.

“The job has now run successfully for a number of years but Pre-Met have not rested on their laurels “Smith commented. Over the years we have identified numerous cost-down opportunities for the project. We have reduced plating thicknesses that were over the top, replaced gold plating with silver resulting in the part functioning better in it’s intended operation and made process efficiencies.

All these costdown were proactively suggested by Pre-Met to their client.

“We are all about high quality components, delivered on time and in full and competitive costs” said Smith.

For further information about Pre-Met’s services to the medical sector please contact Steve Green on

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