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TECHNOLOGY SOUGHT: Companies or Institutions with the Capacity to Develop and Scale-Up the Extraction Process

21st November 2014

Medilink WM member Strategic Allies are seeking companies or institutes with significant and relevant research, development and scaling capabilities in extracting a natural liquid concentrate from a leafy vegetable product.

Their client is a large manufacturer currently developing a new product based on a proprietary botanical extract for a global consumer market. The company so far has been successful with extracting small quantities of active ingredients and flavour compounds from the vegetable product.

They now wish to refine their methodology and scale-up the production of this plant extract, through collaboration with a suitable external partner whom, it is intended, may become the lead future supplier.

Our client is, therefore, keen to collaborate with a partner that is able to:

  • Work closely with them to optimise the most suitable extraction process
  • Advance on their already existing fundamental research
  • Scale-up production of extract and produce it at consistent quality and volumes
  • Accommodate a potential option to include a “pilot plant” phase of investigation work

The volumes of extract our client would like to achieve initially in piloting are 5 litres, to be extended to 125 litres; and possibly more in years to come. Our client is particularly interested to work with a partner with demonstrable expertise in similar scales of extraction of active ingredients from botanicals including research and development capacity.

Extraction techniques of particular interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Simple extraction methods (e.g. leaching/percolation)

Some extraction methods (e.g. steam distillation, steam stripping, spinning cone column) have been trialled but proved unsuccessful in obtaining the necessary levels of flavour and active ingredients. However, untested extraction methods such as counter-current extraction, ultrasonic extraction etc. might be of interest if the partner can demonstrate successful results with leafy vegetable products.

We will not consider proposals that are:

  • Purely research based without evidence of scaling capacity
  • Companies/suppliers offering only processing equipment without research or developmental capabilities with regards to plant extraction processes

We are interested to identify established extraction houses that believe and can demonstrate that they can significantly shortcut the “route to useable extract” for our client using their processes.

The client will consider various collaboration agreement formats with a potential partner, including joint development and toll manufacturing. Any potential partner will need to illustrate their expertise or previous work in this field with specific examples.

Please send any preliminary information including details on any proposed collaboration opportunities to the Joanne Mewis, Membership Manager, Medilink WM in the first instance – JoanneM@MedilinkWM.co.uk

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