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Innovation campaign: Encouraging Appropriate A&E Attendances

11th April 2018

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) is aiming to create an anthology of toolkits to reduce the number of inappropriate A&E attendances. To share your work, please visit Meridian, the WMAHSN’s interactive online Health Innovation Exchange for the West Midlands.

Attendances at A&E , as well as at Primary Care – including to GPs, are often unnecessary. Many are more about the individual’s need of company, than about the ‘reason’ why they go to treatment services. However, some frequent attendances are also due to people not knowing where they could, or should go, and not understanding where else they could get the advice and support they need.

The current situation
In the UK in just one busy day last December (2017) NHS 111 fielded calls resulting in:

• 3,865 ambulances dispatched.
• 2,535 people told to make their own way to A&E
• 15,293 callers told to attend primary care and community care
• 10,494 recommended to contact primary care
• 2,838 recommended to speak to primary care
• 1,870 told to go and see the dentist
• 1,104 recommended to go somewhere else
• 4,077 not told to go anywhere
• … and ninety one were advised to go to the pharmacy

Of 42,076 calls nationally, 39,895 were accommodated somewhere in the health system.
That leaves some 5000 people in one day who had no advice and support and only some 91 people directed towards pharmacy where they could have gotten advice and support, for any number of issues. This doesn’t cover those who independently made their way to A&E, or GP or other services without first contacting NHS 111 (NHS England).

What we want to do
We want to try to minimize unnecessary attendances but to do so, we need to ensure that the right information is available to people in language that can be clearly understood.

We are aiming to create an anthology of toolkits around addressing what to do, where to go, and how to get advice, support and – where appropriate – befriending, for people.

What we are looking for
This campaign forms part of a mapping exercise for us to develop our understanding as to what toolkits, activities and approaches are currently in use. To find out more and to share your work, please visit Meridian.


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