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Protectionism 2.0: Digital Forces Driving The New Protectionist Agenda

26th October 2018

Singapore and the European Union have signed a landmark trade deal that is set to become the foundation for talks of a wider agreement with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The deal, which is expected to come into force next year, has been put forward as an attempt to mitigate against some countries resorting to protectionist actions and not cooperating with multilateral systems.

The growing digital landscape is creating a borderless trading environment and protectionism creates a fragmented picture within this. Businesses need to be considering the issues that digital protectionism can bring to international expansion, M&A with foreign companies and data movement between jurisdictions.

Protectionism 2.0: Digital Forces Driving the New Protectionist Agenda reveals a new frontier in global trade. One that goes beyond the tariff and non-tariff barriers imposed, relaxed and then re-imposed between countries, regions and trading blocs, and into a world which many businesses may not yet have considered when setting an internationally focused strategy.

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