Santa embraces manufacturing excellence

21st December 2018

By Sarah Beale, Staff Writer, MasterControl (Medilink WM Patron)

When you’ve got a hard deadline, efficiency is everything. No one knows this better than Santa, who has the same hard deadline to meet every year. While he has the entire year to prepare for December 25th, he’s also preparing up until the last second to make sure he’s got all the presents for all the good children, all the coal for the bad ones, and that he hasn’t mixed the two lists up.

So, how does Santa keep on top of all these tasks? If parents have a hard time getting their Christmas shopping done on time, how does Santa actually make all those toys for children the world over? He’s embraced automation with a digital production records software solution.

Santa Embraces Mass Production

We like to think of Santa as putting his elves to work in a quaint workshop where they use hand tools to make wooden cars, baby dolls and train sets. However, this hasn’t been the case for decades. With so many children wanting the same toys, you can bet that last year’s fidget spinners weren’t made one by one. The elves now spend their time performing quality checks, running reports, and configuring their software to make sure they make the best, safest toys possible.

This shows that there’s more to making toys than just … making toys. Variants have to be approved, materials have to be acquired, deviations have to be reviewed, and there are hundreds of dotted lines that Santa has to sign. With an ever-expanding customer base, Santa’s had to expand his operation. The best way to do that and maintain quality is to embrace automation.

This required Santa and his elves to branch into new territory. Santa had to offer tuition reimbursement, the elves had to go back to school, and the entirety of Santa’s workshop had to be redesigned. In moving his workshop into the 21st century, Santa was looking for a software solution that was easy to use, easy to validate, and easy to integrate with other processes. To handle children’s wish lists, Santa had to create a digital production records wish list with the following criteria.

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