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Delaying and managing the onset of frailty: do you have an innovation that can help?

27th March 2019

How do we find people at risk of becoming mildly or moderately frail, and what interventions, services or pathways need to be in place to manage someone’s physical or mental deterioration appropriately at home or in the community?

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) have published a new campaign on Meridian, an interactive innovation health exchange for anyone to share their innovations and ideas, build groups and networks and make contact with people whose innovations could change healthcare in the West Midlands.

The new campaign is seeking innovations and solutions for delaying and managing the onset of frailty.

Delaying and managing the onset of frailty

NHS England have defined frailty as a progressive, long term condition characterised by a loss of physical and/or cognitive resilience that means people living with frailty do not bounce back quickly after an acute stressor event such as a physical illness, an accident or other stressful event.

The population of England is ageing. By 2040, nearly 1 in 7 people are projected to be over 75. Whilst frailty is associated with age it is not the same: not all older people live with frailty and not all people living with frailty are old.  Many of the factors that cause people to age differently are amenable to population level interventions based on lifestyle choices and exercise.  Frailty (rather than age) is effective as a means of identifying people who may be at greater risk of future hospitalisation, care admission or death.

Challenges include: 

  • Electronic frailty index score is currently not visible across the health and social care system
  • Dementia and frailty often go hand in hand but there isn’t a common approach to managing a dual diagnosis
  • How do you demonstrate an appropriate return on investment when adopting practices to prevent or delay the onset of frailty with an annual budgeting cycle?
  • Education of staff around frailty as it touches all specialties
  • Attracting the right staff with the right behaviours to manage frail patients
  • Lack of insight/awareness in the care system of community and family assets that can support frail people

To find out more about this campaign and to submit your innovations and solutions to help overcome these challenges to support the growing number of frail people in the West Midlands, please click here.

If you would like help with your Meridian Innovation Submission, get in touch to find out how we can help as the WMAHSN Industry Innovation Gateway

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