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NHSX – Improving health and social care through use of technology

22nd May 2019

From 1 July, NHSX will bring together teams from different organisations into one unit to drive digital transformation and lead policy, implementation and change. It will take forward digital transformation in the NHS, allowing patients and staff to benefit from the latest digital systems and technology.
It is here to:
  • help people stay well and manage their own care
  • help NHS staff to focus on patients
  • collaborative working to understand the benefits of technology in the NHS
NHSX will define the strategy and set standards, for example on:
  • user experience
  • open standards
  • information governance
  • open source

To find out in more details on NHSX go to www.nhsx.nhs.uk/who-we-are

How can you get involved?

NHSX is keen to hear from anyone who is affected by the technology used in health and care, including patients, technologists, carers and clinicians.

If you’re developing, deploying or utilising data driven technology through its State of the Nation Survey for Data-Driven Health and Care in 2019 please get in touch at england.nhsx@nhs.net

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