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  • Medilink UK to give Midlands MedTech businesses detailed guidance on how to prepare for Brexit

Medilink UK to give Midlands MedTech businesses detailed guidance on how to prepare for Brexit

3rd October 2019

Medilink UK, a membership organisation representing over 1350 medical technology and life-science companies, is hosting a free event on 22nd October in Birmingham at Medilink West Midlands office to help life science businesses prepare for Brexit.

The Midlands is the second largest Medical Technology employer in the UK, making the region a key player in the industry. The government maintains that the UK will leave the European Union on 31 October 2019, with or without a deal in place. While it proceeds with planning, many businesses are unprepared for this scenario and lack sufficient information about how it could impact their business across a number of operational areas.

To ensure businesses are prepared for this eventuality, Medilink will provide expert guidance and detailed information on regulatory considerations, trading implications, intellectual property changes, and export opportunities. The event will help businesses understand the risks and opportunities that Brexit presents and aim to minimise the economic impact on the region, which accounted for nearly a fifth of total UK exports.

For full details on the event roadshow go to www.medilinkwm.co.uk/events

Richard Stone, CEO at Medilink West Midlands said: “There are only 30 days before the UK leaves the EU. Conversations I have with businesses in our sector are confirming that many life science and medical technology businesses are not prepared for Brexit and could really benefit from expert guidance and detailed information about both the risks and opportunities. I urge businesses to attend, even if they think they are prepared.”

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