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AF Aware Week: Thinking Detect, Protect and Perfect

20th November 2019

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common heart condition that causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate. It is estimated 26,500 people across the West Midlands currently have undetected AF or aren’t receiving optimal treatment. If left untreated, AF can increase the risk of stroke by around four to five times.

Lucy Chatwin, Head of Innovation Implementation and Adoption at the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN), is taking AF Aware Week as an opportunity to raise awareness of AF and the importance of effective treatment and symptom management.

It’s vital that clinicians across the region are aware of how we can properly diagnose and treat AF in order to prevent strokes and ultimately improve patient outcomes. However, it is often difficult for clinicians to know exactly what resources are available to them.

The WMAHSN has partnered with key stakeholders in the region, including the Clinical Network, Public Health England and the British Heart Foundation, to provide a series of upskilling workshops to Primary Care clinicians across the region, including GPs, nurses and pharmacists. The workshops are led by local clinical experts and include interactive sessions that help clinicians understand the optimal management pathway.  

This pathway aligns with the national AHSN plan, Detect, Protect and Perfect:

  • To Detect more cases of AF
  • To Protect with anticoagulation and modification of other cardiovascular risk factors
  • To Perfect the quality of therapy by ensuring patients are monitored appropriately

Through the latest information provided from ‘The Quality and Outcomes Framework’ (QOF) we can see that the management of AF is steadily improving across the West Midlands. With continued effort and focus we will be able to reach the national ambition to ensure 85% of people with AF are detected and 90% of AF registered patients are adequately anticoagulated by 2029.

For more information on IMpulse-AF workshops please contact:

lucy.chatwin@wmahsn.org or lesley.devaney@wmahsn.org

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