Developing AI regulation – what to expect

13th March 2020

Medilink member Mills & Reeve offers an insight into AI regulation.

Compared to other cutting edge technologies, AI triggers a different level of concern about safe and ethical use.

Questions come up across many areas of application. Will police use of facial recognition technology be accurate and fair? Do we want to have our movements monitored by the authorities? Will driverless vehicles behave safely and responsibly? Will they use collected information about traffic and journeys to promote safe transport or will there be manipulative advertising and unwarranted surveillance? More widely, will AI lead to job losses on a massive scale, with a few savvy entrepreneurs reaping the rewards of a shift to an automated work force? Will deepfakes circulating online make it impossible for us to believe what we see and hear? These are just some of the problems that trouble both governments and commentators, and increasingly, those in the tech industry too.

Many are now calling for a coordinated international response to these questions. Regulation of AI was a hot topic at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting. Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, spoke on the need for a common regulatory framework for AI. He called for a global approach and praised EU efforts to engage in detail with the technology.

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