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3P Innovation Awarded with Queen’s Award 2020 for Enterprise in Innovation

22nd April 2020

3P innovation has been awarded with the QueenAward for Enterprise in Innovation, in recognition of outstanding achievement for innovation for their Fill2Weight powder dosing technology

3P engineers originally developed Fill2Weight after identifying challenges in the field of microdosing and filling of powder for inhalers, that could be overcome with the application of technologies in a new and novel way. Designed to address these challenges, the Queens Awards have recognised the Fill2Weight technology as a great example of innovation, where several different technologies have been combined to create a powerful and unique tool to radically improve powder dosing and filling processes in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

Simon Strothers, Business Development Director at 3P innovation said:

“The Fill2Weight technology has grown and developed along with 3P, helping numerous customers to solve challenging production problems and to launch their own life-saving products to the market.  We are delighted to be recognised in the ‘Queen’s Awards for Enterprise:  Innovation’ category.  As well as being in our name, innovation is one of our core values and helps us to succeed with the most demanding engineering and manufacturing challenges.”

Fill2Weight is a flexible and scalable system that supports manufacturers from low-volume clinical supply through to commercial production. The system’s combination of different technologies allows for precise dosing of difficult, non-flowing powders, which cannot be dosed using conventional ‘volumetric’ filling methods. Even though Fill2Weight excels in highly accurate dosing, it is not compromised when it comes to high-speed dosing and can significantly reduce drug development lead-times.

Unlike alternative filling technologies, Fill2Weight does not compact the powder which in turn can increase the proportion of a drug that is able to have an active effect in the patient when using inhaler devices or provide for a more rapid dissolution of powders used in reconstitution injections.  In addition, the very localized application of low-frequency vibration which helps powders to flow ensures that that powder blends are not segregated or damaged.

The Challenges that Fill2Weight Addresses

  • Reducing drug development lead-times
  • Scalable for total life-cycle support
  • Smaller Doses
  • Minimal drug product required and zero waste
  • Improved product quality and patient safety
  • Enables filling of biologics and engineered particles
  • Accommodating changing powder properties


You can find out more about this award-winning technology at https://www.3pinnovation.com/case-studies/3p-awarded-queens-award-2020-for-enterprise-in-innovation

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