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Big Ask Questionnaire – West Midlands COVID-19 & Healthcare Industry Support

9th April 2020


Medilink WM is the West Midlands Life Science gateway organisation who in conjunction with the WMAHSN is coordinating our regional industrial activities and responses to this situation. If you’re a regional or national business or an organisation that would like to engage, take part or assist with our networks or other strategic approaches please complete our dedicated * ‘Big Ask’ Questionnaire.

In these critical times, it allows us to fulfill industry enquiries, track interests and share important opportunities with our networks, and establish how we can help each other during this COVID-19 crisis.


These are unprecedented times and Medilink WM is seeing multiple requests, business opportunities, offers of help and new solutions and ideas. We are grateful for every one of them and we are very conscious that we need a robust process to collate them and get them to the right people without undue delay.

We are assisting with national supply chain asks and we are updating and supplementing our extensive business database and product knowledge of OEMs, specialist subcontractors, material suppliers and distributors from all sectors and that can provide equipment and/or services during this time of crisis. We need all the information and updates to ensure we have the most up-to-date information about you and so we know the best way to get in touch with you quickly.

Within this initiative and to ensure maximum speed and efficiency we are working very closely with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN), an NHS body uniquely placed to be able to identify the most appropriate and time-efficient routes for the onward processing of all solutions and ideas.

The data you supply will be used to:

  • Inform the most appropriate NHS and Government bodies that are looking for products, supplies and/or services
  • Network and connect businesses and teams with potentially suitable suppliers and subcontractors
  • Push out suitable opportunities that are applicable to your business or skill sets and bring together businesses that can collaborate to take advantage of such opportunities
  • Help you if you need a specialist skill or service that’s not part of your normal business network or they are not available or contactable presently (e.g. home working).

Click here to submit your company details to our ‘Big Ask’ Questionnaire here


Whilst much of our focus is on the COVID-19 crisis, existing patients still need to be supported, potentially in different ways, and so we need new and innovative solutions. Broadly, our approach is following 3 key themes:


1. COVID-19 specific – Have a product, system or service that is COVID-19 ready or applicable? For example:

  • Call for the supply of COVID-19 antigen testing kit
  • Technology to support people who are isolating – whilst Phase 1 of this is on-going and the call closed, we are working on Phase 2 and supporting Phase 1.
  • Call for rapid sanitising technology for ambulances
  • Call for businesses to help make NHS ventilators – whilst Phase 1 of this is on-going and the call closed, we are working on Phase 2 and supporting Phase 1.

2. Non-COVID-19 specific – Offer other healthcare products, systems or services that could be adapted to continue to provide vital healthcare under the constraints currently being experienced because of the COVID-19 restrictions? For example:

  • Have you a ready to run and proven Remote / Home Monitoring system?
  • Can you provide solutions that require less of a clinical intervention?
  • Can you provide solutions that are significantly quicker than utilised presently?.

3. Easily adaptable non-medical solutions?

We are hearing that organisations such as care homes, hospices, and social service organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain their usual supplies of equipment, including PPE. These services are possibly ideally placed to be able to adopt alternative solutions in order to be able to continue to provide their vital services. For example:

  • Do you manufacture or supply provide PPE used in other industries e.g. food/labs?
  • Do you manufacture or supply provide masks or visors used in other industries?.

We would also like to hear from you even if you do not fit easily into any of the above themes. For example:

  • Have a specialist technical or laboratory service?
  • Supply specialist materials? metal, plastics or chemicals – All forms: sheet, tube, powder, liquid, gas?
  • Have other applicable services or skillsets to the Life Sciences sector (Medtech, Biotech & Pharma)?
  • Have a specialist manufacturing or production services with a quality certification (medical/automotive/aerospace or ISO9001)? not always required but useful
  • Have you an idea you would like to pose (if you’re concerned about IP ensure this is not evident in your submission)?.

Click here to submit your company details to our ‘Big Ask’ Questionnaire here

We will be posting all requests and supply opportunities as we receive them on our dedicated ‘COVID-19 Opportunities’ webpage.

If you have an idea or wish to discuss any of the above please drop us an email to info@medilinkwm.co.uk with the opportunity title that you would like to discuss, so one of our team can contact you.

*The information will not be supplied to any marketing or other third parties – we will seek your permission before any data transfer unless you have stated differently – in which case an instant return will ensure we can quickly respond to inquiries.

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