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22nd April 2020

With the biggest threat facing businesses right now is managing their cash-flow, new Medilink WM member Recoup Business Consultants offers their help to businesses with a free R&D Tax consultation and analysis.

Far too many SME businesses are losing out on R&D reclaims due to claim size or understanding of what is or isn’t eligible. Recoup is offering all Medilink members and its network a free, no-obligation consultation to seek out on their behalf any possible claims and help eliminate the many misconceptions that R&D holds.

Recoup Consultants specialise in R&D Tax Credits.

The simple features offered by Recoups in-house R&Ds software report system will significantly reduce the stresses experienced by Small Business owners as our technology will save valuable time when processing your R&D claims.

  1. R&D Rebates available now from HMRC!  Companies of all sizes can benefit.
  2. Recoup has reduced the process time in producing R&D claims.
  3. Minimal form filling.
  4. Experienced consultancy team to provide help.
  5. Charges only apply if successful with claim.
  6. R&D claims to include subcontractor costs.

Kevin Edwards of Edwards Associates Limited said “I was astonished at the range of R&D tax credits to apply for under HMRC guidance that many companies will be unaware of their eligibility”

For a free R&D tax consultation and analysis of the potential returns you might expect, contact Gerard, Kevin, or Jeff at


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