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Online platform created to source and exchange PPE Information

22nd April 2020

West Midlands based computer software company Shoothill have created PPExchange.co.uk  to streamline the supply of Personal Protection Equipment throughout the UK by providing a free and easy to use exchange website.

Supported by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), PPExchange.co.uk is a platform to supply, sell and exchange Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Shoothill has launched PPEExchange.co.uk, to connect independent, voluntary and public sector buyers, with suppliers of PPE during COVID-19.

Managing director of Shoothill, Rod Plummer comments:

“Across the country, supplies of PPE are proving scarce, in short supply and at times non-existent. We have heard of care homes, where our many vulnerable friends and family are housed, and home care agencies providing the service in the community, having to resort to improvised masks and aprons fashioned from bin bags.

“Mobilising PPE to get to the frontlines is essential to ensure the safest possible working conditions and critically slow the wave of infection and save lives. Time is of the essence now and for the foreseeable future, with shortages and bottlenecks putting more and more people at risk, every effort is needed to tackle shortages.”

Shoothill’s previous customers include Peto for whom they developed an intelligent procurement system for NHS products. From an initial idea from Peto, leveraging this previous experience in understanding NHS supply chains, Shoothill’s portfolio of software and web development skills, supported by PETO’s expertise, knowledge of social care and connections, Shoothill designed and developed the platform in less than 6 days over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

PPE Exchange is run entirely pro bono for all users, to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer at Shoothill commented:

“The greater the userbase, the more positive an impact this system can have, given the connections created between users coupled with the power of the data gathered.

“The site has been running for just 24 hours and we have seen enormous interest, as of 11am on Thursday 16th April, there were buyer request for 700,000 items”

The site puts frontline carers and service organisations in touch with suppliers who can readily provide PPE. It also collects frontline data through user analytics to assess which products are in the highest demand, and the greatest shortage. This information can then be used in the organisation of a national coordinated response, prioritising the country’s most urgent needs.

Shoothill has over 15 years of experience developing software on tight deadlines, having previously worked on high profile and time-sensitive mission-critical systems and marketing campaigns. The firm’s past applications on flooding and government spending boomed online shortly after launch, delivering key information to a large public audience during challenging times.

PPExchange.co.uk is already making a difference as demonstrated by Grosvenor Health and Social care:

“We are pleased to report of the success we’ve had from PPE Exchange. As the 3rd largest provider of home care visits in the UK operating from 74 locations throughout England, Wales and Scotland, we deliver care to over 8,500 Clients in over 190k episodes of care per week and the unprecedented nature of this virus has meant all our existing PPE relationship’s and supply chains have been exhausted. We were struggling to find any suppliers that could accommodate our volume orders, the website has allowed us to be matched with a number of suppliers and we’ve bought 10,000 face masks, 2,000 visors, 100,000 gloves and have also purchased and waiting for delivery of 250,000 aprons”

Medilink welcomes this PPE Exchange initiative from Shoothill Ltd

In these uncertain times MedilinkWM is seeing some fantastic innovations and innovative ideas being offered and applied and are working hard to ensure that wherever possible the most robust processes are put into place to ensure both propriety and efficiency are employed in linking the right technologies and offers of support to the right people.

Shoothill Ltd’s ‘PPE Exchange’ is helping provide a real understanding of the actual needs (demand) and the supply situation of PPE in West Midlands care institutions and moving forward, undoubtedly within Key Worker groups too. We have observed within the 48 hours since this platform was released that it is helping to start to build a picture of not only the requirements within the West Midlands region, but as more join this process from further afield, a greater insight into many regions of the UK. Thus, a greater understanding of what the UK Medtech industry and our sector’s suppliers need to be able to accommodate and facilitate.


This can assist companies across the UK that are supplying PPE to the care sector and the NHS. To find out more or to register as a supplier click here*. PPE Exchange is interested in gaining feedback on using their platform as it is being developed in response to requests, so do please help them hone the process in order to help to get suitable supplies to where they are needed as fast as possible.


If you need PPE you can put your request on PPE Exchange and allow suppliers to respond to your needs through the platform. It will also help provide a more accurate picture of your needs and specific requirements and shortages. The numbers generated from your supply requests will be used to inform regional and other public sector organisations as well as the new PPE hubs. Work with the central PPE supply hubs is underway and this process will, in turn, assist and inform them.  To find out more or to register to place your request for PPE click here*.

The MedilinkWM ‘Here to Help – the Big Ask – if you have a product or service that assists the NHS and Care sector to tackle the COVID-19 crisis let us know so we can feed the information you provide into various channels and organisations that we are supporting such as the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN). Respondents will also get information on national and regional business opportunities and funding calls.

To join the ‘Here to Help – the Big Ask’ click here.

To see the latest Covid-19 Opportunities click here.

Click to view PPEExchange.co.uk Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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