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  • Opportunity 9.1d – Novel Testing Solutions required #4 – RNA extraction: new methods

Opportunity 9.1d – Novel Testing Solutions required #4 – RNA extraction: new methods

17th April 2020

RNA extraction capacities are currently challenged even with automated platforms. They seek new methods of extracting viral RNA or enabling viral detection without an extraction step would help remove this bottleneck, as long as they are “ready to go” and can be integrated into existing or optimised PCR testing chains.

How you can get involved in this work

In partnership with Crowdicity, they have launched a testing methods sourcing platform to collect ideas on these four specific challenges httpshttps://testingmethods.crowdicity.com

If you have a solution that addresses any of these challenges, please register and add them to the platform. They want to know:

  • What is your idea/offer?
  • Have you validated this method, if so, how and what were the results of the validation?
  • How quickly could this be deployed and what are the dependencies?
  • What is the likely production volume?
  • What are the risks and barriers to using this at scale?
  • Who are you already partnering with on this?

Even if you don’t have a solution, you can comment to other people’s solutions; they hope you’ll be willing to share but you can also make a confidential submission

Every solution and comment will be considered

They will pause the platform on the evening of Tuesday 14th April to have an initial review of the solutions put forward
Running these calls and future communications

The response from industry has been huge – but in order to ensure they can quickly respond to specific/deliverable offers – they are ramping up resource and putting new system in place

If you have a specific offer in response to specific calls

  • All information on gov.uk/coronavirustesting
  • Link through to specific web forms to collect info they need
  • Dedicated triage and case management team – backed by expert panels

If responding to future pillar 5 calls or have other offers

  • Respond to this email address covid19triageservice@nhsbsa.nhs.uk or call 0800 9159 965
  • Separate triage teams will review – and respond asap – but unless a specific offer on immediate need – may take a bit of time.

Source: https://testingmethods.crowdicity.com/


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