Opportunity 9.2 – Lab requirements

17th April 2020

Additional lab capacity including RNA extraction and PCR equipment that uses open source consumables (i.e. those that can be used on a variety of equipment) and should meet the following criteria:

  • Sample reception area for accepting and logging samples adhering to national infection control procedures;
  • Sample tracking capability (e.g. barcoding) for the end to end pathway;
  • Access to Category 3 compliant facilities or Category 2+ if risk assessed and confirmed by HSE, if handling clinical samples prior to viral inactivation. Further information can be found here
  • Automated RNA extraction equipment (validated by the NHS or Public Health England)
  • Access to a Real Time PCR assay machine using an assay validated by the NHS or Public Health England.
  • Automated result analysis systems in line with national policy and working in conjunction with the SOPs in place within the partnering NHS pathology network
  • Quality processes in place including validation and verification methodologies
  • Specialist workforce available e.g. PhD students or post docs with relevant experience that can work in rotas according to the needs of the NHS

If you can help in one of these areas, please fill in this web form to tell us more about your solution.

Please Note:

They are not currently prioritising the following:

Given this time of national emergency they are not prioritising approaches which will take stretched resources away from testing patients and staff. Please do not get in contact with them at this time if you:

  • Are seeking initial validation of a new PCR assay
  • Have lab capacity that meets the criteria above but has potential to deliver but has potential to deliver <2000 tests a day within 3 weeks.
  • Are proposing approaches that ‘hack’ closed system assays which would then require NHS revalidation of those sites or assays

Plugging Your Lab in to the NHS

  1. Developing local solution with local pathology networks within the National framework.
  2. Perseverance
  3. Recognising local, Regional and National structures.
  4. Successes include:
  • Local veterinary lab supporting
  • Novel solutions extraction challenges
  • Working with AHSNs

The Ask

  1. They need industry to provide us with sufficient laboratory consumables across all our platforms.
  2. Private labs with capacity to approach NHS at Local and National levels

For additional insight see this slide deck: Webinar: Opportunities to contribute to the National Diagnostics Effort for COVID-19

Running these calls and future communications

The response from industry has been huge – but in order to ensure they can quickly respond to specific/deliverable offers – they are ramping up resource and putting new system in place

If you have a specific offer in response to specific calls

  • All information on gov.uk/coronavirustesting
  • Link through to specific web forms to collect info they need
  • Dedicated triage and case management team – backed by expert panels

If responding to future pillar 5 calls or have other offers

  • Respond to this email address covid19triageservice@nhsbsa.nhs.uk or call 0800 9159 965
  • Separate triage teams will review – and respond asap – but unless a specific offer on immediate need – may take a bit of time.

Source: https://testingmethods.crowdicity.com/


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