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  • Regional businesses have responded to our Medilink Midlands ‘Here to Help – Our Big Ask’

Regional businesses have responded to our Medilink Midlands ‘Here to Help – Our Big Ask’

23rd April 2020

Join the ‘Big Ask’ – Here to Help

Have you joined the ‘Big Ask’ – if not why don’t you join’? If your company has something that could assist or help with the COVID-19 situation, then join ‘Our Big Ask’ and enter information on your company’s product, service or manufacturing capability. Click here to enter your details > ‘The Big Ask

Find out more on our Big Ask Questionnaire and why we’re asking our members and business community to be part of it here

Complete list of our Big Ask Responders here 

Can Medilink– Find it / Source it? – Big Ask #2

During the current pandemic we have been made aware of critical shortages other than that of personal protective equipment (PPE) – such as Raw Materials, Goods, Skills & Services. This could be due to demand, supply chain failure or self-isolation.

Let Medilink try to assist and source your request by utilising our extensive member and business networks. The information you provide will also be fed into local and national government organisations so that they too can be informed of the critical shortages that exist in the UK in terms of materials and items other than PPE.

This is service is free of charge. All Medilink asks is that if we are able to find you a source of material etc. that you let us know if our assistance has played a part in successfully resolving your requirement/s.

NB: A West Midlands company recently got in touch and we spoke about a COVID-19 related sourcing issue that they had. Medilink were able to search our database to identify and introduce them to a local supplier. After speaking directly to the owner of the local supplier the introduction was made within the hour! Why not let us see if we can do the same for you … we may not always be successful but we will do everything we can trying.

Click here to enter your Find it / Source it request

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