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Current challenges in regulatory science in healthcare survey

19th May 2020

The University of Birmingham is working on an initiative, aligned with its new Centre for Regulatory Science and Innovation. The University has recently been liaising with a number of bodies – including MHRA, ABPI, ABHI and others – to discuss the importance of enabling a well-informed and well-coordinated UK environment for regulatory change in healthcare, underpinned by strong regulatory science.

This is a critical issue not just due to Brexit and more recently the huge national and international efforts to tackle Covid-19, but more broadly due to the scale and pace of emerging technologies, which come with huge opportunities but also some significant risks.  Obviously medical technologies (as well as associated supply chains) are a critical player in this national picture – with that in mind, Medilink West Midlands would like to share with our networks to seek some input via a scoping survey the University is undertaking. The West Midlands has a real opportunity to inform and influence at a national level and beyond on this agenda, and our members’ input will help to ensure that it is approached in the most productive way.

Survey’s aim

On behalf of the University of Birmingham we would like to invite you to take part in a survey to identify current challenges in regulatory science in healthcare. The aim of the survey is to identify strategic areas for the development of regulatory standards, establish current and future training needs and identify the infrastructure required to support this. If you have experience in regulatory science, either developing or using regulation in a healthcare setting, we would like to hear from you. We recognise that this is a particularly challenging time given the COVID-19 situation, however if you are able to participate, your feedback will help us to establish views on understanding the challenges in the UK regulatory science and determine strategic areas to help in the development of regulatory standards and tools to better inform regulatory decision-making, hopefully including long-term learning from the current situation.

This research is being undertaken by Prof Melanie Calvert, Dr Eliot Marston, Dr Samantha Cruz-Rivera, and Dr Barbara Torlinska, University of Birmingham.

For additional information or help with any questions before deciding whether or not to take part, please contact the principal investigator Prof Melanie Calvert (m.calvert@bham.ac.uk).

Link to the survey: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/RegulatoryScienceIND/

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