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B2B Opportunity – Electronics company required to produce geospatial sensor with output

25th June 2020

 Big Ask#3 – Opp – 00005

This opportunity is currently on hold due to the Opportunity provider working on additional requirements. Those who have applied will be notified.

An electronic device is required to manufactured that can report on geospatial position, with good to excellent battery duration with a signal output to operate another device. The unit should be as small as possible. If a data logger could be included this could be an advantage.

An electronics manufacturing company that has links with a plastic moulding company, that can work cohesively to merge or possibly mould the device into or otherwise be able to fit it into the housing would be an ideal scenario and solution to our manufacturing requirements.

Following the approval of suitable prototypes an order for 200k pieces would be issued with large quantity orders to follow at appropriate pricing and price breaks

Product has a potential worldwide market and thus vast numbers are expect following initial launch and a marketing campaign.

Following a signed NDA with a suitable company replying to this opportunity, the company will provide specific information relating to the device, its function and specification, so that a design can be created along with costings for prototyping and production.

The company must be able to satisfy all required CE and electrical certification requirements for electrical goods. The manufacture must be able to provide a working proof of concept and be able to go to mass production as soon as possible.

The item is price sensitive and thus this will need to be borne in mind when designing and producing the item.

Close date: 26 July 2020

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