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  • B2B Opportunity – Manufacture and Packaging of Lipreading and hearing aid transparent face masks for the NHS and Care sector required

B2B Opportunity – Manufacture and Packaging of Lipreading and hearing aid transparent face masks for the NHS and Care sector required

30th July 2020

Big Ask#3 – Opp – 00014

Manufacture required for the production of a transparent Face Mask for the NHS and Care sector to enable the deaf, hard of hearing, those with additional needs to feel less isolated by allowing them to easily communicate with carers and clinicians that are wearing PPE by allowing the mouth to be seen.

The company needs a manufacturer for its design and highly publicised and proven transparent face mask, which has received praise and recognition from the Deaf and Hard of hearing community and from ministers and Government departments.

The production requires:

  • A company that has processes and protocols for cleanroom manufacture of PPE and/or garment production – an experience of such work &/or producing items for the NHS will be an advantage.
  • Accurate and quality controlled material/fabric cutting and fabrication – mainly sewing, but may use ultrasonic welding or other fabrication processes if shown to be appropriate and adequate and that meet the design specification.
  • Excellent quality of finish is a must
  • Materials to be procured by the manufacturer – Sources ad specifications of materials will be specified.
  • Packaging, boxing, and labelling of items.
  • Shipping and storing of stock to be discussed.
  • An Ex-works price will be required

The initial production requirement is extremely high per week for a minimum of with the hope that it will rise substantially in 6 months and then be held at that number until Export markets are established. Thus it is anticipated that once full production is in place and the product is certified then this number will be increased and production will continue well past the main concerns of Covid-19.

Suitable candidates that meet the above criteria will be provided under NDA with additional information on the product and proposed production requirements so that output volumes, scheduling and costings can be provided prior to being commissioned and becoming this company’s official manufacturer.

NB: This is a private business commission and not a government contract.

Good track record of producing similar products for the care sector – Excellent quality process to be in place – Must be Covid-19 workplace compliant. Able to meet all employability and other stator requirements. Be an established UK business.

Cleanroom and to work with QARA – (QARA Quality Assurance Regulatory Affairs).

Close date: OPEN

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