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Medilink WM Patron & member benefit from ‘virtual’ introduction

10th September 2020

Medilink member DHC Innovations Ltd and patron Birmingham City University (BCU) new venture after introductions at Medilink WM virtual coffee morning.

Staffordshire based family run DHC Innovations Ltd, inventors of the award-winning Optishield, were looking to update and enhance their website and social media platforms. Through Medilink introductions, DHC Innovations Ltd decided to apply for BCU’s Employer Engagement Scheme. A business support initiative to provide skilled graduates the opportunity to work in a business environment and offer beneficial skills to the business.

Donald Harrison, CEO, DHC Innovations Ltd said ” Following Medilink’s introduction to BCU’s Employer Engagements Scheme we were lucky enough to secure two highly productive interns, helping with the website and social media development.

The students were with us for three weeks, working hard to both enhance and improve our website and to provide invaluable advice on the optimisation of social media platforms. Hopefully, the experience was positive for the students. They certainly seemed to relish the opportunity to be involved in a live project and took to their roles with genuine interest.

We certainly found the experience of hiring interns a beneficial experience, not only for the improved social media and website design, but also by allowing us to improve our understanding of recruitment and its wider issues.

The overall result has been an increase in engagement with our company and an increase in the profile of the Optishield, backed up by our first ‘post lockdown’ B2B order form our West Country distributor, an NHS low vision clinics provider.

Pre lockdown we had been in communication with the Netherlands and French Departments for International Trade to look at European distributors. We had been advised to get this in place prior to Brexit, as although our UK Optical Supplier distributes to Europe, the thinking is that businesses will require a foot in Europe by the close of 2020. Thanks to our BCU Website Development intern, we now have a multilingual website, in Dutch, French and Polish, ready to take this next step forward.

Thanks again for all of Medilink’s help. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown certainly slowed things for us, particularly with the closure of optical services. However, with their help we have still managed to use the time productively.

As ever, the support and collaboration provided by Medilink, BCU, and associated support networks, has enabled us to further develop as a company, which has been particularly valuable during the current challenging climate”.

Ranj Barn, Employer Engagement Consultant, Birmingham City University said: “I’m absolutely delighted to hear from what was a Medlilink Coffee Morning introduction, we were able to successfully collaborate to secure two graduates to work which Optishield, who went on to make such a positive impact to this business, they have gone one to secure further contacts.

This is down to the Medilink’s hard work that the team does each and every day.

BCU hope’s to continue this journey to help support all our key stakeholders from students & graduates and life sciences businesses, to help grow and thrive this sector both in the East and West Midlands”.

For more information:

Birmingham City University as patrons of Medilink are offering a wealth of business support via the  https://bcuadvantage.co.uk/

Ranj Barn | Employer Engagement Consultant, Birmingham City University Ranj.Barn@bcu.ac.uk

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