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  • MedilinkWM B2B Opportunities Service sees Hospital Direct (Marketing) sign an Exclusive Distributor Agreement for their innovative Infection Control Solution

MedilinkWM B2B Opportunities Service sees Hospital Direct (Marketing) sign an Exclusive Distributor Agreement for their innovative Infection Control Solution

14th October 2020

The CiFi Torch is one of the most powerful high-quality LED forensic light sources currently available on the global market. Standing for ‘Cleaning Inspection Forensic Investigation Torch’, the product can locate traces not visible to the naked eye, even in bright light ambient conditions.  Developed by CopperTree Forensics, in just 2 years CopperTree have changed the landscape of crime scene investigation with this new technology, with clients including the NYPD and MET Police.

Supported by research conducted by Professor Cassella and presented to the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, the time was right to introduce the unique CiFi Torch to the healthcare market.

Hospital Direct was the clear partner of choice to introduce this product throughout the NHS, private healthcare organisations, community, and care home establishments. At the height of Covid-19, the need for the use of the CiFi Torch became apparent within these sectors. Holding both a national and global presence in the healthcare market and being a 2019 Shropshire Chamber of Commerce award winner, they were also chosen to be the supplier of specialty equipment for the nationwide Nightingale Hospitals. Hospital Direct is a trusted supplier across the healthcare market. The company has been manufacturing and supplying the NHS and associated healthcare establishments with UK made patient handling aids for over 25 years.

The Covid pandemic heightened the need for effective ways of identifying poor cleaning which can encourage the spread of infection and viruses. CopperTree’s CiFi torch can see what the naked eye cannot, as its powerful LED’s can locate and detect traces of latent fingerprints, sweat, urine, saliva, blood, and other biological traces which can encourage the spread of infection and viruses. The torch uses specific colour wavelengths of light to highlight unclean and potentially infectious surfaces during forensic examination. It was the perfect aid for the healthcare market to support what Is commonly known as ‘Infection Prevention, and Control’. The COVID pandemic heightened the need for effective ways of identifying poor cleaning, and the CiFi Torch is the answer to this challenge.

Stephen Murphy, Business Development Director at CopperTree Forensics Ltd commented “We are specialists in the Policing and Forensics market, but wanted a credible partner with a proven track record of successfully delivering the latest products and technology to the healthcare sector. By utilising Medilink WM’s B2B Opportunities Service we were introduced to Hospital Direct who fitted the bill perfectly, with its contracts across the country – in the NHS, private healthcare, community and care homes.”

Hospital Direct has been developing and enhancing their services to the healthcare sector to tackle and solve problems created by COVID-19 such as developing new PPE products. But this opportunity came at just the right time as they embarked on providing deep cleaning technology and services to the care home and healthcare sector. This new device highlights the problematical areas and shows where they have been treated and eradicated post cleaning, thus part of providing a 360-degree solution.

The link between both CopperTree and Hospital Direct was not by accident though. It was Medilink WM, who put the companies together via its new service and now the new CiFi Torch is available from Hospital Direct, offering profound advantages in fast infection control in any healthcare environment from Operating Theatres, ICU, Radiology, Elderly Care Units, Mortuaries and Pathology to Ambulances, Care Homes and GP Practices, plus other communal rooms such as toilets, offices and restaurants.

Helen Gutteridge, Technical Director at Hospital Direct (Marketing) Ltd said “Medilink West Midlands has been instrumental in introducing our two companies, previously unknown to each other, but linked by a common desire to help healthcare organisations and their staff manage cleaning effectively during and post the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.”

The two companies are now signing an exclusive distributor agreement and are excited about opening up the healthcare market to the benefits that the CiFi Torch pack can offer customers across the country and its ability to manage their cleaning protocols effectively and efficiently to the benefits of all – organisations, staff and patients.

Chris Dyke at Medilink West Midlands was delighted that two ‘look ahead’ companies have stuck a deal via the B2B Opportunities service “It’s been great to help another two companies that have been supporting the health and care sector during the COVID-19 crisis with this newly launched service. It also goes to demonstrate that working together with our colleagues at the WMAHSN, NHS and other business support organisations such as the West Midlands Combined Authority and the Department of International Trade, that with our pooled support and services we cannot only make a difference for people using health and care services but for the region’s economic prosperity.

This new service is gaining a lot of attention and is allowing us to help companies to engage with one another and develop new business arrangements and relationships whilst enabling them to see new business opportunities and growth in these difficult times.”


Find out more about Medilink WM’s B2B Opportunities Service or to submit your own B2B Opportunity – click here.

About Hospital Direct (Marketing) Ltd

Hospital Direct (Marketing) Ltd, based in Shropshire, has been manufacturing and supplying the NHS and associated healthcare establishments with UK made patient handling aids for over 25 years and was recently chosen as the supplier of specialty equipment for the nationwide Nightingale Hospitals.  www.hospitaldirect.co.uk

 About CopperTree Forensics Ltd 

CopperTree Forensics Ltd is an innovative leading manufacturer of high powered, portable Forensic Laser and LED Systems which can detect biological and other traces during fluorescent examination and primarily have worked with UK Law Enforcement and Forensic Services to supply first class products that meet the needs of those involved in criminal investigation. https://coppertreeforensics.co.uk

Quotes for CiFi Torch from CopperTree Forensics Ltd Testimonials;

“The light technology from CopperTree Forensics, has changed how we clean our forensic environments. Our crisis workers who ensure forensic integrity is maintained, were able to visualise the surfaces they cleaned, and this has led to an improvement in service delivery for the criminal justice system.” Professor Vanessa Webb, Medical Director (SARCS), NHS/Mountain Healthcare Ltd

“The use of this lighting system has of course come to the fore in the current Covid-19 pandemic and its usefulness I am confident will indeed in its own way help to save lives, something for which you can be justly proud.” Professor Cassella, Department of Criminology, Policing and Forensic Science, Staffordshire University

“Fighting the battle against COVID-19 and any future Viral or Bacterial threats will require comprehensive strategies, we believe that The CIFI torch will be integral to these strategies, and support us to minimise and understand the risks in our infection control measures.” Bob Dhaliwal, Managing Director, Well Being Care Group

  “The CiFi torch allowed remedial cleaning to be carried out as necessary and it was clear that using the torch as part of our regular cleaning routine would be a cost-effective exercise allowing spot cleaning and increasing efficiency.  Parents and staff feel reassured by the forensic standard service that we have been able to provide with the CiFi torch and this will remain a vital tool throughout the Covid-19 situation and beyond.” Amanda Arnold, Executive Headteacher, Delves School

The CopperTree Forensics ‘Forensic Investigation Torch’  (CiFi Torch) is an essential part of our specialist cleaning equipment, used by our team to identify and remove body fluids, human and animal tissue, potentially infectious and infectious material, as well as detect and remove trace amounts of chemicals and our own cleaning products on final inspection of ‘the works area’; enabling us to clean to forensic standards, and together with ATP testing, prove it too! Jim Gildea, Managing Director, Total Trauma Cleaning

“We have found many benefits to the use of this torch. It allows us the ability to identify bacteria and biological traces that are simply not visible to the human eye, thus allowing us to offer a complete peace of mind clean to our clients and furthermore guarantee our work. The torch itself is immensely powerful and often identifies areas of concern in lighter conditions, where others fail. A superb addition to our business that has allowed us to pursue opportunities in other sectors.” Ryan Mobbs, Director, The Magic Maid

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