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B2B Opportunity – Leading manufacturer of air purification products seeking importer/distributor

4th February 2021

Established Finnish Air Purification company seeks a UK-based distributor/importer with a proven track record to sell a suite of innovative air purification products within a variety of industries including public and private healthcare.

Established and based in Finland, this company have produced an innovative suite of standalone Air Purification products aimed at a wide array of settings such as Hospitals, Care Homes, Dentists, Clinics and Laboratories, Schools, Offices, Service sector, Sports and Marine industries.

The air purifier removes and inactivates effectively airborne virus, bacteria, microparticles, VOCs, pollen, mould, and unpleasant smells indoors.

These easy to install and maintain modules offer continuous 24/7 disinfection of indoor air, efficient microbe, and microparticle removal, generate zero harmful waste nor ozone, and have extremely low operating costs.  Since the process generates zero harmful waste you will not be exposed to infections while maintaining the equipment.

The patented products that are manufactured in Finland are CE marked and the technology behind the air purification process has:

  • Combination of multiple well studied and established air purification technologies
  • Photo-catalytic oxidation
  • Bi-polar ionization
  • UV GI light
  • Nano filtering

The products have been successfully tested (e.g., Covid-19 and even more resistant pathogens) by:

  • The University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine – 2020
  • VTT Finland – 2019
  • Finnish Institute of Occupational Health – 2009
  • Histola Research – 2009
  • Helsinki Aerosol Consulting – 2009

With seasoned operational distributors already secured in Europe and other parts of the world, this established Finnish Air Purification company seeks a UK based importer/distributor with a proven track record in the private/public healthcare industry.

There is also an after-sales market opportunity and therefore the distributor ideally must have their own service personnel or subcontracted partners.

Supporting documentation and technical specifications can be obtained directly from the Opportunity provider following direct engagement.


  1. Importer/Distributor must have a proven track record in the health care sector and a complete understanding of HVAC solutions
  2. Appropriate warehousing and transportation standards (UK national requirements).  Note: Air purifiers are not considered medical devices
  3. EORI registration in the UK

Close date: open

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