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Entries open for the Med-Tech Innovation Awards 2022

14th January 2022

After another challenging year due to COVID-19, we are pleased to offer a reason to celebrate the innovations and achievements in our industry.

The Med-Tech Innovation Awards features six categories including the all-new Sustainability Award.

The categories are as follows:

3D Printing: Entrants should demonstrate how the use of 3D printing has enhanced or fundamentally improved the design or manufacture of medical devices. This could be as a design development aid, a manufacturing jig or fixture, or the additive manufacture of end-use products.

Connected Health: Entrants should explain how they developed the design or manufacture of a cutting edge connected medical device. For example, you could have supplied miniaturised sensors, or conductive materials, or perhaps you were involved in the production or assembly of specific components. You can also be part of the development of software, digital services, and applications.

Design: Focusing on the design or redesign of a medical device, you must explain what clinical need was identified, and how this need was met through the innovative use of unique design developments.

Engineering: Focusing on the manufacture of a medical device, entrants should detail an innovation in manufacturing process or technique which improved the outcome of the product. Improvements could include greater functionality, increased lifespan, decreased time to market or lower cost.

Materials Innovation: Entrants should explain why a new or repurposed material has been pivotal to the creation of a medical device.

  • Is your material new? How was it developed and how crucial is it in the make-up of the device?
  • Has your material been used elsewhere? If so, where? How have you used it differently?

(NEW) Sustainability: Entrants must demonstrate how innovation in design or manufacture has reduced the environmental footprint of a medical device. This could be through:

  • Material innovation (reusable/recyclable etc)
  • Production efficiencies to reduce CO2
  • Resource efficiencies to reduce CO2

The prestigious Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards, held in association with Med-Tech Innovation, celebrates the outstanding business achievements, international successes and innovative breakthroughs made across the life sciences and healthcare technology sectors in the past year.

This collaboration celebrates two sets of awards:

Finalists earn nomination to the national Medilink UK Healthcare Business Innovation Awards through victory at the five Medilink regional awards, making the national awards ceremony the thrilling culmination of a year-long competition.

We also celebrate the Med-Tech Innovation Awards which commend innovations in medical technology within the medical device engineering community.

You can enter the Med-Tech Innovation Awards at www.med-techawards.com.

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