Kimal is an innovative manufacturer of customised procedure packs and vascular access devices to clinical departments in over 70 countries worldwide. The company manufactures over 2 million procedure packs and vascular access devices every year for a range of specialities including: cardiology, radiology, pacing, laparoscopy, and cardiac surgery; and its unique, ground-breaking central venous catheter technology is helping to reduce patient risk in hospitals across the world.


Why Choose Kimal?

At the heart of Kimal is a passion for delivering innovative solutions and exceeding our customers’ expectations, and everyone within Kimal is dedicated to providing the best products for patients.

The Kimal Commitment is a promise to customers, ensuring:
• Delivery on time
• Specialist clinical knowledge
• No unexpected surprises
• Award-winning customer service
• Innovative, high quality products

Our Products
Customised procedure packs
Cardiology | Radiology | Pacing | Laparoscopy | Orthopaedics | Ophthalmology | Gynaecology | Critical Care | IV Therapy | Renal

Since launching the first procedure pack in the UK in the early nineties, Kimal has expanded its capabilities to be able to offer its customers a bespoke solution suited to the individual requirements of their procedures. Available for a variety of procedures, a Kimal procedure pack can support with increased savings, easing of work flow, and improved staff productivity.

Vascular Access Devices
Recognising that central venous catheters have seen little innovation over the past 40 years, Kimal has launched a unique range of central venous catheters. Manufactured at the Company's state-of-the-art catheter manufacturing facility, the Altius® range has been designed to minimise the risks associated with traditional CVC technology.

Kimal also offers:
• Haemodialysis catheters
• Haemodialysis monitoring systems
• Peritoneal dialysis catheters
• PICCs & Midlines
• Transducers
• Accessories
• Catheter locking solutions

A Culture for Innovation
Kimal's innovation journey started in 1964 when Kimal began distributing innovative products for well-known US medical companies. In fact, Kimal was responsible for launching some of the 'healthcare firsts' in the UK, including: one of the first heart pacemakers; the world's first hollow fibre dialyser; the first US coronary angioplasty balloon technology; and the first coronary stent.

Today, Kimal's innovation programme, led by the Company's Research & Development team, is busier than ever. Having developed and launched the first closed system central venous catheter in the world, to the first closed system acute renal catheter, both designed to reduce the risks associated with traditional technology; the patient continues to remain at the forefront of Kimal's innovation activities.

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