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Collaborate with academics and industry experts to unlock the digital potential of your business.

The Institute of Coding (IoC) is an OfS initiative, made up of 25 HEI partners and over 60 industry partners to develop the next generation of digital talent at degree level and above.

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Together, educators, businesses and learners aim to make a tangible, lasting and measurable impact on digital skills within the current and future workforce. Whether to improve digital literacy, move towards a career in the digital economy, or extend specialist knowledge, the IoC is ready to unlock digital talent. IoC will do this by creating all new learning content, using a blend of traditional, innovative and student-centred learning content developed by leading universities and industry experts.

Key aims of IoC include

  • Develop specialist skills training in areas of strategic importance
  • Boost equality and diversity in technology-related education and careers
  • Produce research, analysis and intelligence to anticipate the future skills gaps

This will allow a nationwide increase in higher-level digital skills capabilities for those already in work and improve employability in graduates.

IoC CU collaborate with industry partners to develop sector-specific digital skills programmes.

How can your business benefit from the IoC?

By contact IoC CU, you can collaborate with academics and industry experts to unlock the digital potential of your business. By filling out the FREE Business Diagnosis Skills Survey IoC CU can assess the skill levels of your current workforce, evaluate the value of each skill to your business and produce a digital needs assessment for your business.

From there, IoC can collaborate with you to develop training materials, or direct you to courses and modules that the IoC are already running. IoC CU are here to start your journey towards the digital revolution and provide a report at no cost to you or your business.

Get involved by taking the Skills Survey or contact them to start a conversation with their dedicated team of academics and industry experts.

Collaborating with IoC CU will unlock your digital potential, allowing your workforce to prepare for the digital revolution.

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