• COVID-19 B2B Opportunities

COVID-19 B2B Opportunities

Medilink Midlands – Here to Help – Our Big Ask #3

How COVID-19 B2B Opportunities Works

As companies relay to Medilink Midlands their needs, requirements or business opportunities these will then be posted on our website and an email including the opportunity link will be forwarded to appropriate companies that we understand will be ideal and interested in such B2B opportunities.

Responders to B2B Opportunities

B2B Covid-19 Opportunities are located on the MedilinkWM website, Please review the list of current opportunities. If you are interested in replying to an opportunity, you will find a link to a web page to enter your company’s interest. In addition to your companies name and your contact details you should also provide a short pitch on why you believe you might be an ideal partner or supplier to facilitate their request.

This information will then be relayed to the company that generated this opportunity for them to respond to your enquiry. 

 B2B Opportunity Providers

Following the provision of your business opportunity or supply request (see Big Ask #2 Find it / Supply it ) we will then post the information on our website (we may call you first to understand the scope of requirement/offer). Your business remains anonymous unless you wish to post your company name within the opportunity.

Following publication, we will then email to you any responder submissions. Then:

  • Companies you’re interested in. We request you respond ASAP to the responder company and let us know the outcome i.e. if you have successfully concluded a deal or not. Hence if we need to remove the opportunity.

When a successful agreement or supply has been conducted Medilink Midlands may wish to create a news article highlighting how your businesses are connected and progressing etc. thus raising the profile of your businesses and the product or service via this new relationship and activity.

  • Companies you’re NOT interested in. If you do not wish to pursue the responder company’s offer or connect with the company then we would ask you to let us know so that we can advise they have not been successful.

Opportunity Scope

Scope – this is not a site to sell products or services unless you’re looking for distributors, business partners or collaborators. We are also not looking at posting any Life Science (Medtech/pharma etc.) business staff vacancies at present but if this is a requirement please let us know and we will consider your request.

NB: We are limiting this activity to UK registered businesses only (at present) or those in the process of setting up in the UK.

New Engagements

We are looking to use this as a way of enhancing the Midlands Life Science sector and build a strong and more integrated cluster and a diverse supply chain. But in the main, this is to develop new ways of networking and relationship building which does not rely on the traditional 1:1 physical meetings, although we will welcome the return of these.

Create your Own B2B Opportunity

If you would like to submit your own B2B Opportunity then complete the submission form and send it to Opportunities@medilinkwm.co.uk. If you would like to discuss first, please drop us an email to the same address with your full contact info and telephone number and we will call you.


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